The number of colors used in Iranian carpets

The more colors used in the carpet, the more expensive the carpet becomes. In some exquisite carpets woven by skilled carpet weavers and kept in museums, nearly 250 colors can be seen in the carpet. Creating a carpet with such a complex color combination requires years of experience and knowledge.

Symbolic meanings of Iranian carpet colors

There is a hidden meaning behind each of the colors that are usually used in Persian and Oriental carpets. The variety of colors of carpets is a reflection of the ideals, emotions and characteristics of Iranians over time. The common themes in the art of Iranian carpet weaving are rooted in the history and mythology of Iran and still these valuable sources inspire designers to draw carpet maps.

Red: happiness, joy, beauty, courage, luck and fortune

Green: heaven, holiness, rebirth, spring

Brown: Fertility and fertility

Yellow/golden: power and glory

Blue: reliable and trustworthy, committed

Orange: selflessness, piety, humility

White: chastity, purity, peace and tranquility

Black: Mysterious and relaxing

The following guide will help you choose the perfect color rug.

Practical aspects of carpet color

Do you want to make the room look bigger?

Lighter-colored rugs make a space appear larger, a feature favored by many small to medium-sized homeowners. On the contrary, if you want to make the room look cozy and comfortable, it is better to choose a carpet with darker colors.

You want the dust not to be seen

You may ask yourself what is the difference between hiding a stain and dust? These two applications are similar in a way, but they also have a fundamental difference. The stain is caused by spilling something on the carpet, but the dust and dirt from the accumulation of grease gives the entire carpet a dark, brown shade. A carpet that covers stains well is not necessarily a good option for not getting dirt and showing dust. Therefore, if you want your carpet not to show dirt and dust over time, choose a multi-colored carpet with a busy pattern so that the dust and dirt are less visible and it is not clear how much the carpet needs washing.

Psychology of carpet color

You have probably become familiar with the effect of carpet color on mood and interpersonal relationships. The fact is that this effect has psychological roots. In this section, we briefly explain the psychology of carpet color, maybe this introduction will save you from the dilemma of choosing the right color.

Everyone knows that red is an exciting and stimulating color, but this explanation is a bit vague. What does red evoke? There is no definite answer to this question, the emotions that red evokes depend on the environment. However, studies have shown that in addition to making a person excited, red color also causes physical signs of stimulation, such as increased heart rate and faster breathing. Love, struggle and hunger are the emotions that red evokes. Therefore, red color is suitable for bedroom or dining room.

Orange has an effect similar to red, but less intense. Orange color creates a lively, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Of course, different shades of orange have different meanings. Orange is rarely used for carpeting, but it can be a fun color for a child’s room or playroom. Dark orange, like red, is suitable for the dining hall.

Yellow or gold is the most refreshing and energizing color. This color is also considered a symbol of glory and luxury due to its association with money and gold. This golden color is suitable for injecting energy and motivation in the office or for making the living room and playroom fun and pleasant.

Green is the color of both life and wealth. The main green and light green colors are a symbol of nature, regeneration and health. Darker greens symbolize wealth and possibly greed. Yellowish-green usually has a negative charge and is used to represent jealousy and illness. Therefore, wherever you want to induce a sense of freshness and natural vitality, spread a light green or original green carpet.

Blue is a calming color and a reflection of the sky and the sea. Blue is a symbol of wisdom, trust and loyalty. Blue is the opposite of red, this color slows down the body’s metabolism and has a calming effect. Evidence shows that the color blue helps to relax the mind and body. Blue is a popular color for men. So use blue color in the rooms you want to have a calm atmosphere. Blue color is not suitable for dining room and kitchen, unless you want to suppress appetite.

Purple is a combination of red and blue and symbolizes power, luxury and prosperity. Light purple or lilac evokes feelings of romance and nostalgia, but dark purple evokes negative emotions such as sadness. Purple is an ideal choice for a girl’s bedroom or a study that is supposed to be the seat of power or wealth.

Black is a formal color that evokes power, demonic force and mystery. Black or black color reminds of the feeling of emptiness and dark and dark feelings. However, black color in a suitable combination shows dignity and glory. However, be careful when using black.

White is the color of purity and purity. This color awakens a sense of purity and innocence. White is the color of perfection, because it distorts any imperfection and whiteness. With this description, white is a good color, provided you can keep it clean. Keep in mind that cleaning a white carpet is difficult, and a dirty white carpet will not look as good as the first day.

Cream or beige and gray are neutral colors. These colors also have meaning, but they do not awaken strong emotions and feelings and are even considered soothing or boring. Cream and gray are widely used colors that are suitable for any room and coordinate with a wide range of different wall colors.

Carpet color suitable for gray walls

If your walls are gray, you are free to choose a color. Gray is a neutral color that goes well with any color. Light gray walls make an ideal combination with darker colors such as garlic blue, black and lacquer red. If you have gray walls, you probably want to make the house appear larger, so it’s better to choose lighter colored rugs, such as cream or multi-colored rugs.