Carpet is one of the most important elements of home decoration. Floor covering is so important in interior decoration that the floor is called the main base of the room and many designers decorate the room based on the floor covering. The right carpet multiplies the effect of home decoration and gives character to the house. To choose a carpet, we must pay attention to some points and consider some things.

Principles of choosing the right rug for the home

1- Material and texture of carpet

The floor covering of the room should be chosen according to the use of the room. When choosing a rug, consider the amount of traffic in the room. Durable carpets are usually used in high-traffic rooms and decorative carpets in low-traffic areas. For example, a carpet with a little fluff is suitable for a child’s room. The lint that the carpets scatter in the space may cause allergies in children and damage their respiratory system.

Carpets are generally made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers.

Carpets with natural fibers

Carpets with natural fibers are woven from products such as cotton, wool, hemp, hemp and sisal and are very durable.

Woolen carpets create a feeling of comfort and warmth in the environment. These fibers are very durable and easy to clean, but their price is relatively high and requires professional washing.

Cotton is softer than wool and has a wide range of colors, but is less flexible than other fibers.

Sisal is a coarse fiber and is suitable for busy spaces. These fibers have good resistance to moisture.

Carpet with synthetic fibers

Carpets made from synthetic fibers are cheaper. They include a wide range of colors and are very similar to woolen carpets. However, they are not comparable in quality to natural fibers, are not produced from sustainable sources, and may change color over time when exposed to direct sunlight.

Acrylic carpets are suitable for humid spaces such as bathrooms, because they are resistant to moisture. Acrylic carpets are highly washable and do not lose their beauty when exposed to moisture and sun. For this reason, it is a better choice for crowded houses, especially with children.

Polypropylene carpets are suitable for spaces such as the entrance hall and dining room, because they have high resistance and do not absorb liquids.

Nylon rugs are great for busy spaces because they are durable and easy to clean.

Polyester is one of the cheapest fibers. This type of carpet is a good choice for short-term use and low-income spaces.

2. Carpet color

The color of the carpet should be in harmony with the color of the sofa and curtains. To set a proper harmony between the carpet, the sofa and the curtain, it is better to choose the carpet first, then buy the sofa and the curtain. Or choose your sofa and buy a rug based on it.

 If you are a large family or have a small child, it is better to choose a carpet with a crowded design and a dark color, otherwise light-colored carpets are very suitable.

It is better that the color of the carpet contrasts with the floor of the house. For example, if the floor is light, choose a dark carpet, and if the floor is dark, choose a light carpet.

The color of the carpet must not be the same as the color of the sofa or curtain. For example, instead of a sofa, you can coordinate the design and role of the sofa cushion with the carpet. Or this coordination can be with the curtain of the house. Of course, pay attention to the fact that do not discourage the space of the house with the aim of setting the furniture.

Light colors are suitable for small rooms and dark colors are suitable for large rooms. White, cream and gray are suitable for small spaces.

Colors are divided into three categories: warm, cold and neutral. Warm colors such as red and orange make the space exciting and warm, which are suitable for the living room and kitchen. Cool colors such as blue and green are suitable for the bedroom, and neutral colors can be used in any space and can be easily set.

3. Carpet size and arrangement

Before buying a rug, the size of the room, the type of layout and the appropriate space for the rug should be determined and designed.

One of the basic principles of carpet arrangement is to choose the dimensions of the carpet according to the area of ​​the room. The dimensions of the carpet should be such that it is 40 to 50 cm away from the walls. In a small space, this distance can be reduced up to 20 cm. Try to observe these distances approximately.

Do not choose small rugs for the living room. Choose the rug so that your feet are on the rug when you sit on the sofas. Sofas should be placed on the carpet so that their front base must be on the carpet. Or the bases of the sofa are tangential to the edge of the carpet.

Choose a rug for the dining table that is at least 50 to 60 cm larger than the dimensions of the table, so that all the bases of the chair are on the rug when the chair is pulled back.

Choose a bedroom rug so that when you wake up, your feet are on the rug and you can feel the warmth of the rug with your feet. This means that the carpet should be large enough to see at least 50 to 60 cm of carpet around the bed, if it is less than this, the beauty of your carpet will not be visible.

In the living room, you can use several different carpets to separate the spaces. For example, separate the dining area from the living room. If the living room is small, a large rug will suffice.

Carpets are available in different sizes, shapes, rectangles, rounds and squares. Note that circular rugs do not fit into any space. One of the suitable spaces for using round carpets is use for round dining table. Also, a small round rug for small bedrooms and kitchens can be a good option. However, before buying, make sure that a round rug will make the room more beautiful.

4- Carpet design

The pattern and design of the carpet should be chosen in accordance with the general style of space decoration design. For example, if you have a modern house, choose a modern rug, if you have a classic decoration, choose a classic rug. You can also choose carpets according to the connection and coordination of home components.

If you have furniture or wallpaper with a crowded design, be sure to choose a simple carpet design. Otherwise the house will look cluttered. Or if the carpet is patterned and crowded, choose simple furniture.

Carpet and floor designs are contrasting. If the floor and carpet are both patterned, they will make the home environment crowded.

Traditional or classic rugs make the environment warmer. If you like to have a simple and cool atmosphere, modern carpets with simple designs are suitable.

If you want the room to look bigger, choose a rug with a large design in the center to make the room look bigger.

In the dining room, avoid carpets that have a central pattern, because its design is hidden under the table and cannot be seen. Therefore, it is better to choose a rug that has a simple center and a pattern around it or a repeating pattern can be seen on its entire surface. Consider your feelings!