Prevention of respiratory diseases

Hand-woven rugs are cleaned in the simplest and easiest way possible. Due to the use of natural fibers in the manufacture of these rugs, it is possible for the consumer to easily clean the rug with some water and shampoo. However, the story does not end with a clean appearance, handmade rugs are thoroughly and thoroughly cleaned, which will reduce dust and allergens in the house. Therefore, it prevents many respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies. While machine-made rugs collect dust and with each movement on it, dust particles are scattered in the air and cause respiratory problems and allergies.

Maintain bone health

You may be interested to know that in traditional medicine, machine-made rugs are cold in nature and not suitable for bones, but handmade rugs are dual in nature. Handmade rugs have been scientifically proven to be suitable thermal insulators. Natural wool absorbs a lot of heat, which warms the home environment in winter and also helps regulate the temperature of the house in summer. On the other hand, it absorbs moisture, which helps to remove excess moisture from your home. For this reason, hand-woven rugs are more useful for the bones and prevent the absorption of cold and moisture to the bones. While research shows that synthetic fibers in machine-made rugs will increase bone pain and even reduce bone density.

Increase the comfort of the home environment

The wool used in the production of hand-woven rugs brings natural warmth, softness and softness, but did you know that wool is a strong and natural sound insulation? Scientific research has shown that wool is a natural sound insulator, meaning that it absorbs extra sounds and calms the home environment. Therefore, one of the benefits of handmade rugs is increasing peace and quiet in the home environment.

Air purifier

Other benefits of handmade rugs include cleaning the environment. They also clean and purify the air and absorb germs and air pollution (wool naturally retains pollution for up to 30 years). Wool-like fibers are a powerful antibacterial that help clean the air in the home and fight bacteria and allergies.


The fashion world is one of the main polluters of the planet, but handmade rugs and carpets do not pose a problem for the environment because they are natural. Handmade rugs are not made of synthetic fibers and chemicals, so they have high resistance. While machine and industrial rugs are made with adhesives and chemicals, these materials rot or are damaged over time. Machine-made rugs are short-lived compared to hand-made rugs, which have a high resistance (such as silk, which remains undamaged for more than 50 years).

Also, wool rugs are fire resistant. Wool is a natural extinguisher, and unlike synthetic fibers that melt in fire and high temperatures, wool helps put out fires and is actually a real savior in fires. In general, when we use rugs with natural fibers, we reduce the production of synthetic and chemical rugs, which ultimately save our environment and the planet from serious diseases and damage. Finally, hand-woven rugs and carpets convey an extraordinary beauty to the eyes that relaxes. Fibers, like silk, have an extraordinary beauty that, in addition to this beauty and serenity, also transmits the culture, customs and traditions of nations and tribes. If you want to create a healthy, warm and relaxing environment for each member of your family, in addition to the beauty of your home, replace artificial and machine-made rugs with handmade rugs and carpets.