With the progress of the new era and today’s world, the word that we hear a lot in different fields and deal with is modernity. The rug is not excluded and the result is a modern hand-woven rug which is designed to meet this need of the society.

But with the introduction of modern hand-woven rugs, questions were also raised for consumers and art lovers, what are the characteristics of these types of rugs? Or what decorations are suitable for buying these rugs? What points should we pay attention to when buying and maintaining them?

Know your home decoration!

New decoration and rug

Before we want to check the modern hand-woven rug, let’s go to the issue of whether your home and interior decoration is suitable for choosing a modern hand-woven rug?

If we want to tell you the most important feature of a modern decoration, we should mention “simplicity and calmness” which is the main sign of modern design, some people believe that many modern decorations are cold and soulless, which should be said if you choose If you have done the right design, this will not happen at all.

In today’s apartments, which are shrinking day by day due to high prices, choosing modern decoration is definitely the best option; because this type of design itself makes your apartment look bigger.

So, if you haven’t bought your home furniture yet, choosing new equipment, one of which is a modern hand-woven rug, is an ideal choice for you, and if you are looking for more information about decorating your home, you can click here.

Modern hand woven rug

Contrary to what is thought, the use of modern decorations for the home is very expensive, in fact, it is not!

Many people make conclusions and opinions about a subject without examining all aspects, without doing any research on this subject, and go looking for cheap machine-made rugs or hand-woven rugs.

The most important feature that we mentioned about modern decoration in the above section was “simplicity”, this word itself gives the answer to the question of the cost of this type of design, in modern design you may pay higher prices for devices, but the number of these devices is much less. But it becomes more voluminous.

This is also true for the rug, pay attention to the old decorations; maybe low-priced machine-made rugs are used, but if you look carefully, you will see that almost all apartments and rooms are ruged, while in new designs, you can cover a large hall with only a modern hand-woven rug, not so much. Design big.

The same is true for the rest of the items, and in addition to these issues, not using too many luxurious and luxurious decorative items will make you no longer worry about the fit of different decorative items and also spend a lot of time cleaning and you will not need to dust them.

When we go to the introduction of the modern handwoven rug, at the beginning of the work, when we hear its name, we feel a little contradictory; We consider the hand-woven rugto be a symbol and sign of the art of Iran and Iranian authenticity, and upon hearing its name, its tradition and antiquity are unconsciously imprinted in our minds, which is in conflict with modernity, it is true that still, in general, most rug productions are from It is a traditional type, but people’s wishes and requests have led to the expansion of productions that are different from the past; Not that the material of the work has changed, no, what has changed is the type of design, texture, appearance, colors and a little of the raw materials used.

Let’s not forget that many of our handicrafts are lagging behind the new generation day by day due to not moving with the modern world, and this issue has no result in the long run except the weakening of these products; therefore, the production of modern handmade rugs must be defended.