It does not matter that you do not walk in your shoes at home according to the Iranian tradition. In any case, you should know that Rug lint is a suitable place for the accumulation of all kinds of impurities…

Dust, lint, tiny particles that fall off the skin, dirt and microscopic molds all weigh and fall to the ground after being suspended in the air for a while, and if the Rug floor is wide, these fine particles will settle in the Rug fibers.

Although this prevents these particles from spinning and wandering in the air (because inhaling them can cause allergic reactions, so falling on the Rug surface somehow prevents them from spinning in the air), but every step that house members take on the Rug, these particles reappear. It lifts into the air.

Of course, people with asthma and allergies do not have to leave the floor empty. Rugs made of polyester and nylon are more suitable for their home because they repel dust and other allergens because their fibers are synthetic and for Types of mites, molds and other allergens do not form a suitable substrate.

However, wool fibers used in handmade Rugs contain allergens and molds and are more suitable for the growth of molds.

 The shorter the Rug lint, the less allergens are absorbed. Of course, in the case of Rugs, the finer the fibers, the less allergens penetrate them.

If you have a small child, be more careful in choosing Rugs for your home because children and toddlers spend most of their time on the floor during the day and walk on all fours and their immune system is much more sensitive to foreign materials. More absorption of allergens Your child is more likely to develop allergies. This may not be very effective for an adult like you, but 1 square meter of Rug usually holds 67 grams of soil, so a 1-2  year old child who regularly rubs his hands and mouth on the Rug may get 10 grams of soil and dust during the day. Eat and provide the ground for allergies in him.

It is recommended that if you have a history of allergies or even a small child, collect your long pile Rugs, and in the case of ordinary Rugs, I ask you to vacuum them regularly or wash the Rug with shampoo or steamer and avoid selling the whole house.

What are the health benefits of handmade rugs and Carpets?!

You may want to change your home rugs, but you do not know what rug model to buy? Or you may even want to update your information on handmade and machine-made rugs. Many people only pay attention to the price and beauty of the Rug when buying it, but have you noticed that the Rug you want has an effect on your health and that of your family? As you know, Iranian Rugs are famous in different American and European countries and have many fans, but this reputation does not only end with their beauty, but also has a great impact on your health. In this article, we will examine the health benefits of handmade Rugs.

Handmade Rugs

Colorful and beautiful Rugs were originally intended for kings and large palaces, and ordinary people could not use them due to their high cost. With the passage of thousands of years and the development of the industry, machines came to the aid of Rug weavers and Rug weavers to facilitate the weaving of Rugs. With the help of these machines, Rugs were prepared in faster time and in an easier way. The price of Rugs decreased and they were marketed as machine-made Rugs. Although machine-made Rugs are diverse and beautiful in terms of design and pattern, and are cheaper than hand-woven Rugs and carpets, they also create problems for the consumer.

Handmade Rugs are made according to the creativity of the artist, knot by knot and design by design of each Rug and handmade Rug takes hours to be woven. The silk and wool used in the production of these Rugs, along with the original designs of the Rugs, are in great demand. Many people tend to use creative and man-made rugs, but what are the benefits of these rugs other than original designs?

Benefits of handmade Rugs for body health


Handmade rugs are made from materials such as wool and silk that are completely natural and compatible with the skin, while machine-made rugs are made of synthetic fibers and dyes that can cause skin allergies and allergies. Therefore, if you have children who run for hours at home or you want to sit on the floor for hours a day, it is recommended to use these handmade rugs in your home. People who have sensitive skin and their skin is easily swollen or red, it is better not to use synthetic and machine-made Rugs in your home, because the fibers used in making machine-made Rugs contain chemicals, but vice versa, Carpets and rugs. Hand-woven fabrics prevent allergies on the skin due to their natural fibers.