Handmade silk Rug can be considered as one of the most exquisite and valuable manifestations of original Iranian art, which is world famous. When it comes to silk rugs, the first thing that may subconsciously come to our mind is its high price and luxury, which has made this type of Rug welcomed not only because of its special quality and elegance, but also as a future investment. climb up.

Recognize handmade silk Rugs

When you talk about recognizing and introducing a product or work, you need to be precise about everything you need to know.

In the case of handmade silk Rugs, this knowledge depends on items such as Rug weaving skills, handmade Rug designs, the location of the Rug texture, age, fibers, number of knots, color and size.

Knowing this Rug is so important that even foreign buyers are willing to travel to Iran in person to be able to observe the weaving process up close. Be issued.

Is a silk Rug suitable for my purchase?

Before making any choice or purchase about your handmade silk Rug, you need to pay attention to whether this purchase and this type of Rug is suitable for you or not?

In general, people who buy silk Rugs have two perspectives on this, the first category is that they are specifically looking for art, originality and beauty and do not pay much attention to its material discussion.

If you are one of these people, we need to listen to you that buying very delicate silk rugs is not a good option for you, because you are going to use this type of Rug as a floor rug, and this is why The amount of dirt will increase and with the continuation of it, your Rug will need to be washed a lot, which if your Rug is very delicate, it will lose its quality after a while.

Some people have invested in the main purpose of buying handmade silk Rugs and they pay a lot of attention to this issue. For these people we must also recommend that:

In today’s economic climate this can be considered a very good option, handmade silk rugs are generally an exquisite work that does not decrease with currency fluctuations, price and value, just like home and gold.

Important note:

The point we emphasize to people in the second category is:

Since your goal is to invest, you should try to do your best to maintain your handmade silk Rug, so the Rug can be considered the best option for this, so that you can use its beauty and elegance. Have fun and use it to invest.

Benefits of handmade silk Rugs

In the following study of handmade silk Rugs, we try to introduce the most important features and benefits of this type of Rug to you in a title:

High beauty and attractiveness is the first feature of this Rug.

It is very soft, light and soft due to its thinness and small diameter. (Relative to its dimensions)

It has a unique radiance and shine.

Unlike many Rugs, it has very little lint, which does not cause allergies in this Rug.

Among machine-made and hand-woven Rugs, it is one of the durable options in terms of washing and maintaining quality.

Silk yarn is obtained from silkworm cocoons, which indicates that the work is natural.

While being light, it has several times the strength and durability of woolen and cotton yarns, which is one of the main advantages of handmade silk Rugs, which makes it unique.

Compared to woolen Rugs, it has a much higher number of ridges, which is due to the thinness of silk thread.

The color and glaze used by silk thread is very beautiful and eye-catching.

The color spectrum of handmade silk Rugs is wonderful and just by changing your angle of view, the color spectrum changes and you see it in different colors.

Silk can also be used to highlight the design and pattern, which is why silk yarn apparently shows a lower height than wool and yarn, but after weaving, you see the Rug prominently. .

Consider high quality as the most important and main advantage of handmade silk Rugs.

How to wash a silk Rug

In general, before buying a handmade silk Rug, we should also know how to maintain and wash it, to avoid doing the wrong things that will reduce the quality of the Rug.

First of all, let’s point out that many people have a problem with giving the Rug a lot of color when washing the Rug, let’s point out that this reflects the quality of your work, you are very comfortable You can recognize a quality Rug and kilim by pulling a damp white cloth on the bold parts of your work.

It should be noted that silk fibers are very sensitive and delicate and do not have much resistance to chemicals and react quickly.