The rug plays an important role in the beauty of the home. Fancy rugs are used in many and different environments with their cheerful colors because they are more compatible with home decoration and different environments than other types of rugs. Fantasy rug draws the viewer’s attention at the first glance due to the use of happy and shiny colors. Fantasy rug is also known as modern rug.
One of the applications of fantasy rug is furnishing the bedroom. In choosing a fantasy rug for the bedroom, you can benefit from rugs with a variety of colors that give peace to the surrounding environment and create a peaceful environment with your desired taste. Due to the high effect that fantasy rug has, compared to traditional Iranian rug, it has received more attention and welcome from the general public, especially the youth age group, and in the same way, we have seen a significant improvement in the development of the production line of these products and online sales of fantasy rugs.
Fantasy and modern Kashan rugs are woven by expert and experienced weavers with a modern weaving machine, and in this way, the first-class original Kashan rugs are provided to our valued customers.
Modern fantasy rugs are hypoallergenic and lint-free because polyester fibers are often used in the production of these types of rugs, which is important in maintaining people’s health against skin and respiratory diseases. The rugs available in the Kashan Farsh online store are durable and easy to wash, and do not wrinkle due to their unique structure and special texture. In addition, it has high endurance against erosive factors.
Modern fantasy rug can be used in home kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. You often see fantasy rugs with a pattern with geometric shapes and imaginary lines, and you will rarely see a rug of this category with slim designs, so that the colors used in the fantasy rug, the shapes that It separates the patterned rugs from each other.
Fantasy rugs for children’s rooms, fantasy rugs for bedrooms, and fantasy rugs for kitchens have more fans and are the main requests of customers for these types of environments.

Fantasy rug for children’s room

Children are very interested in watching cartoons and enjoy it. Many characters are used in cartoons, some of which have become popular characters of children.

What is a sand rug?

The translation of Shagi in English is long hair. Shagi is a fantasy rug whose sleep is in the form of long piles, and sometimes this type of rug is called long pile rug. This rug can have different uses, for example, in homes and office environments.
The life span of these rugs is not long and they are difficult to wash due to their long piles and they are mostly decorative and beautiful. And it is suitable for places with little traffic. The yarn used in shagi rug can be polypropylene, acrylic, wool polyester. Shagi rug is usually light and woven in small sizes. Due to the special structure of this type of rug, cleaning it is a little more difficult than other rugs.

What is a frozen rug?

Frieze rug is a type of cut pile fantasy rug that is highly durable because the piles of the rug have a high density and the threads have a very high twist. Frieze rugs are one of the informal rugs and they are usually woven with beautiful colors that the bright shadow created in the rug attracts the eyes of every viewer. This type of rug is very suitable for busy places. Also, the elastic property of the rug makes it a choice for commercial environments.

What is a Chanel rug?

Chanel rug or Belgian rug is a type of fantasy rug. It is very light in terms of weight, that’s why they put a layer of latex behind the rug so that it sticks and doesn’t slip on stone and ceramic floors. The thread used in Chanel rug is polyester, wool, polypropylene and acrylic. The best one is acrylic and has more softness. Some Chanel rugs are woven using a combination of several types of fibers, which are called percentage rugs. And with washing, it becomes foggy. Considering the shrinking of houses and apartment living, it is better to use simple designs and neutral colors to make the space look bigger.